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Meet Kezia Tunnell

I believe we must actively protect American values:


  • Valuing the Immigrant community and actively reforming our legal immigration process. Including H1B Visas. Securing our borders to keep Americans and Immigrants safe from human trafficking and cartels
  • Working with Federal, State, and local education departments to implement school choice and parent’s rights to their child’s education. 
  • Fighting against the woke culture consuming our communities and schools. Standing for girls and women’s rights in sports, bathrooms, and schools. 
  • Standing for a National Security platform that brings Peace through Strength
  • Advocating for pro-life causes that include foster care and prison reform, human-trafficking awareness, elderly care, and other advocacy that protects and cultivates all human life and equal opportunity 

Raised a Baptist Missions pastor’s daughter, Kezia grew up in different cultures. Her childhood was spent in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and South America. As an adult, Kezia and her family continue to travel and serve communities throughout the world that promote causes that support life.

Kezia Tunnell brings extensive business acumen and management expertise to a multitude of endeavors.

In 2011, she co-founded Tunnell Enterprises. Tunnell Enterprises is a debt-free construction company that operates throughout the United States, specializing in large commercial builds and remodels. Medium and large box stores rely upon Tunnell Enterprises to bring home goods, furniture, groceries, and more to both urban and rural communities.

Kezia also is firmly committed to the community, serving on numerous advocacy boards promoting education, family and community reunification, community development, and human trafficking awareness.

Frontline, Kezia works with organizations that encourage and guide teen parents within the Latino community as well as a number of advocacy groups. Promoting awareness for life causes, Kezia has managed operations for the non-profit Gold Monarch Healing Center that promoted awareness for life causes. In 2017, she became the Director of Operations for Project 7 Billion, which collaborated with the nonprofit, Create In Me, to combine art and identity training planning for events worldwide. During Kezia’s tenure, she expanded Project 7 Billion scope to partnering with other nonprofits to implement its Roar program throughout the US and Israel. In 2019, she began to work with media and advertising firms with emphasis on the Latino community, education, culture, and politics.

As a parent of four children, I know what is best for my children. I believe all parents should have the opportunity to make their child’s educational decisions. No one knows or will love our children as much as a parent does. This is why school choice is a top priority. I believe that parents have the right to decide where their kids go to school. Parents have the right to determine their child’s type of education, not teacher’s unions and politicians. When parents and students can choose where they attend school, this allows for equal opportunity for the student no matter the socio-economic level. When we allow school choice, this brings competition to the market. When parents demand a better outcome and are free to move their children to better-performing schools will then require ill-performing schools to do better.

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