Kezia on Economy

Our economy will soon be overcome by crippling inflation. We must act quickly to reduce federal spending, promote American manufacturing, and renew our dedication to American energy production. We must demand accountability from Congress to save the middle class, our small businesses, and the strength of the US Dollar.

First, in Congress, I will advocate for a return to the energy-independence policies that had us paying only $2.50 for gas 15 months ago. Those energy-independence policies were working to control gas, shipping, and manufacturing prices and encourage job creation. 

Second, in Congress, I will support legislation that encourages American manufacturing. Building our own products creates jobs and revenue. This allows the United States to stand on her own, with less dependency on foreign nations or wild spending from Congress for stimulus.

Third, it is imperative that we preserve the strength of the US dollar and stop undermining its value through overprinting. In 2021, the government spent $2.77 trillion more than available revenue. In 2020 it was even worse, when the government spent $3.13 trillion over revenue. This directly causes inflation and must be stopped.

Hear me when I say that the solution to the budget deficit is not to tax our growth-generating companies. The solution to the budget deficit is to control federal spending back to pre-COVID levels. Current spending is astronomical and is unsustainable under any tax rate assessed to our richest taxpayers.

As an extension of our need to control the deficit, all line items in each federal budget must be evaluated to ensure that funds are being spent to the benefit of the American People, Virginians,  and small business owners- not mega-corporations and lobbyists. In Congress, I vow to take a stand against last-minute omnibus bills that Representatives do not have time to research. I pledge to oppose any bill I am unable to research fully due to last-minute political games. 

All of these actions together will work to stop the inflation we have been experiencing at the gas pump and in grocery stores. The economic gains the middle class has worked so hard to achieve over the last few years are at risk of being completely overtaken by this increase in prices we are seeing. And our local small businesses, the cornerstones of so many of our neighborhoods and communities, are facing a real risk of permanent closure under the crushing prices of energy and materials.

Your representation has taken advantage of your trust and has mismanaged your economy. But it is not too late to recuperate the robust economy we enjoyed pre-COVID and pre-Biden, when the middle class was finally building wealth for the first time in decades. I am ready to act quickly and decisively on your behalf in Washington to get the reigns of the economy back in your hands.



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