Human Rights

Human Rights

Kezia on Human Rights

I am 100 percent pro-life. I am for mother and child, grandparents, neighbors, friends. Human life begins at conception and travels and grows on a tumultuous and difficult journey. I am passionate for and have a long history of championing causes for life, including mentoring teen parents, supporting families of incarcerated children to prevent dependents from entering foster care, partnering with organizations that reduce recidivism rates among convicted felons, and supporting human trafficking awareness initiatives.


Personally championing others to achieve is one of my passions. Authenticity and integrity to this aspect of my character is what has caused me to invest in these causes since I was 20 years old. Sometimes being a champion means being humble and listening and sometimes it means fighting for those without a voice.


In this day and age, there is a desire to obscure the difference between right and wrong. I reject this concept. With integrity and passion, with a dedication to be the voice of the life teeming within our District, I promise to always fight for what is right in Congress.



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