Kezia on Immigration

America is a country made of  Immigrants. We need a safe, fair, and legal process to continue to develop our nation. The US is a diverse and beautiful country because of the unique cultural backgrounds that have come together to create the American Dream.

H1B Visas must be reformed to stop Big Tech Companies from cutting the tech workers’ wages. The H1B Visa process is unfair, and the loopholes must be closed to protect American tech workers. We need to change the lengthy lottery system and work with Congress to change the laws to give businesses incentives to sponsor their valuable workers. This process needs to be revamped to allow those legally here to apply for citizenship. 

Our borders need to be closed until we have a plan to serve better the American people, the people of Virginia, and the 11 million immigrants who are here legally and waiting to become US citizens.  I believe we need a clear legal immigration process. We need people who desire to be a part of the American fabric and contribute through jobs, taxes, and community. 

Right now on our southern border we have millions of  undocumented migrants passing through our border every year. The current policy is to gather the migrants, process them, give them a phone, and put them on transportation throughout the United States. Yes, they are being flown and now bussed to Northern Virginia. I have witnessed personally how the migrants are processed. There are no background checks. Most migrants do not have documentation. We do not know who they are, where they came from, or what their intentions are.  Currently, people from over 140 nations are trying to sneak across our border in the dark of night.

Cartels have free reign on the border to traffic people, criminals, drugs, and weapons. These cartels kill, torture, abuse the migrants coming over, including children. They also pose a security risk to residents of our border cities. This policy creates a national security threat that affects every state in the union, including Virginia. 

This policy of open borders also brings dangerous drugs like fentanyl into our country and into our Virginia communities. These drugs wind up in the hands of our children. Addiction and overdose are now common themes in our communities and in our schools.  

By importing dangerous criminals into our country, we aid our crime surge in our cities. MS-13 and other dangerous gangs from South America are known for their car thefts, their murders, and their drug running in our communities like Alexandria and Arlington.  These criminals terrorize our immigrant communities. This must stop now!  

We must demand better from our Government to guarantee safety for our nation and for Virginia. We must demand a safe and secure border to protect our country and our communities.  We must have safe and legal immigration practices that enriches our country, our state, and Virginia’s District 8. 

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