Press Release: Economy

Kezia Tunnell – Defend Small Businesses and Implement Sound Economic Policies


Alexandria, VA – Today, Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District Kezia Tunnell made the following statement on the economic problems facing our nation:

“Congress has implemented outrageous spending programs while chasing away American manufacturing through high tax rates. We must demand accountability from Congress and bring the deficit down to pre-COVID levels.

It is imperative for our national security and the protection of our way of life that we preserve the strength of the US dollar and keep it as the prime reserve currency and stop undermining its value through overprinting. For years, the congressional response to crises has been to spend ourselves into oblivion. In 2021, the federal government spent $2.77 trillion more than it brought in through revenue. In 2020, the government spent $3.13 trillion on its revenue, and inflation is spiralling out of control.

The costs of food and gasoline continue to rise at astronomical rates. The economic gains the middle class has worked hard to achieve over the last few years shrink more and more. Our incomes are not keeping up with our costs of living.

Our treasured small businesses are feeling it too. The small businesses that survived the pandemic shutdowns now face another trial: rising material and transportation costs. These local businesses are the cornerstones of many of our communities and they face a real risk of permanent closure.

Federal spending must be addressed with complete transparency into federal omnibus bills BEFORE it is time to vote. No more middle of the night omnibus bills that nobody has the chance to read. We must evaluate all bills to ensure that government funds benefit the American citizenry. In Congress, I pledge to take a stand against these last-minute omnibus bills and any unconstitutional legislation.”

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