Press Release: Education

Kezia Tunnell – Students and Parents Must Come First In Our Education System

Alexandria, VA – Today, Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District Kezia Tunnell made the following statement on our education system:

“Education is the great equalizer in America and can propel disadvantaged students to a successful future. It is imperative that we improve the quality of school systems here in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District for our families and community.

Our government has failed to create long-term modern success in the public school system despite over 40 years of oversight and interference in local decisions and priorities. The time has come to return to a model where schools are accountable to parents, not the federal government, for the quality and content of our children’s education.

The people who know what is best for your child are not in Washington, D.C. YOU know what is best for your children. Local teachers and administrators need to be empowered to implement changes that you know will help your kids succeed. As your congresswoman, I will advocate at every opportunity to remove federal control over your child’s future and return authority to you, the parents.

I will advocate against any federal measures to influence how your school system manages curriculum decisions. Those are decisions to be made at the school level, where the voices of parents are heard. Suits in Washington, D.C. should not be making these choices for your child.

Finally, I will also advocate for school choice to be available to all students. It is unacceptable that students are prevented from accessing better academic opportunities due to administrative controls. When families have the power of choice, true equality of opportunity can emerge in our public school systems.”

Kezia Tunnell is available for interviews. If interested, please email Byron Sanford at [email protected] or contact him via cell at 360.210.6943.